Ecstatic Dance, The Rebirth! March 11th with Chela & 2melo

Greetings Community,

Our hearts are full of gratitude & excitement at the opportunity to let you know about upcoming events, and to be carrying this good work. This is Chela & Myk writing, who have been entrusted with this epic dance vessel from our beloved NYC chapter founder Daniel Laureano aka Clever Alias aka Wolfpenguin aka our favorite dance catalyst. You will be hearing more from him via this email, and us, as we help to carry on this climatic tradition in NYC for you! It’s our aim to bring consistent gatherings with depth, expansion and heart, so we’ll do our best to bring that, and will do our best to let you know about them :)

Speaking of, our next dance is this Wednesday!


Join us at the beautiful and expansive Union Square Ballroom March 11th for an Ecstatic Dance NYC journey.
Warm Up with Jesse Johnson of Dancing With Gravity 7pm-8pm
Dance! 8pm-11pm

w/ our Sound Alchemists
DJ Chela
& live trumpet by Ben Harris

Live Painting by Noelia Fernandez & Walker Fee
Visual Projections by Pedro De Las Rosas

Energy exchange: $20 at the door.
Raw chocolates by Yes OR no raw chocolate
Mushroom tea samples by Lingzhi You

Union Square Ballroom
27 Union Square West, NYC

Help us keep this a no trace event and bring cups/water bottles for water and/or a mug for mushroom tea!
This is a substance free event.
Move However You Wish / Respect Each Other and Our Space

Get your medicine. Share your medicine. Join us.

RSVP here and invite your tribe:

About Ecstatic Dance:

Ecstatic Dance NYC gathers for a transformative, electronic music journey inspired by sounds from around the world, mixed with intention. Move however you wish, in a container for conscious dance and freeform movement. Practice embodiment, non-verbal expression and non-judgment on our dance floor. Facilitate each others freedom, healing, growth and expansion, through dance, play and adventure. No booze, no shoes and no chit-chat on the dance floor helps us keep it intentional. Amazing music helps us keep it all about dance!

* * *

We will assemble again Wednesday April 29, 2015 with a special guest set from an Ecstatic Dance legend in Cali: DJ Dragonfly.

We look forward to being stewards of such a joyous, cathartic, useful and transformative space, and promise many updates to follow. Please let us know how we can extend this offering so it best supports you.

With love,
In the dance,
Chela Rosas & Myk Tummolo
Ecstatic Dance NYC

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July 23 Gathering at Union Square Ballroom!

It’s an alcohol/drug-free gathering for people who love to dance, in Union Square!

If you’ve joined us before, you know what’s happnenin. If you’ve not yet joined us, here’s the skinny:

A musical journey with a live DJ. No Booze. No Drugs. No Shoes. No Chit-Chat on the Dance Floor. Plenty of room to talk and mingle, good vibes, refreshments. Mutual respect, healthy intentions. No judgment, move however you wish. :-)

DJ Chela will facilitate our dance journey with a 3-hour DJ set…

…after Elana Meta leads our warmup from 7-8pm…

Weds, July 23

Warmup with Elana Meta: 7-8 pm
DJ Chela: 8-11pm

Union Square Ballroom
27 Union Square West

$20 / All Ages / Dress to Sweat

Tickets (cash-only at the door)

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July 2 at Union Square Ballroom with 2Melo!!

We’re back in The Ballroom, on Weds, July 2, for another EDance gathering. :-)

We’ll have NY’s beloved DJ, co-founder of Cumba Mela, and Ecstatic Dance NYC ally, 2Melo, at the helm for this one. If you joined us, during Chapter One, you might remember what happened at St. Mark’s Church and ROULETTE when Cumba Mela vibes merged with EDance vibes. Mira que super wow.

2Melo‘s been cooking us up a multi-genre, multi-faceted journey that we’re very excited to dance to. Dan Baker‘s light wall magick gumbo will be eyeball noms. Spiro’s Beyond Kombucha will be Best in Class, always.

Vibes, peeps, booch, beats. See you on July 2!

Facebook invite’s public, and accessible by clicking on the flyer image below. Thanks for all your support with getting word out. Let’s spread the goodness, together!



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June 18 at Union Square Ballroom!


We’re back in The Ballroom, again, this week! Fresh tunes, fresh moment. Beats by [Clever Alias], Bevs by Beyond Kombucha, light wall by Dan Baker, warmup by Elana Meta, community dance magick by you, we, all of us. :-)

Here’s scoop:

Elana Meta Jaroff will be facilitating our 7-8pm warmup!

elana meta

If you’re new to Meta’s orbit, you’re in for a treat. She’s a dancer, martial artist, performer, wellness instigator, and founder of NYC’s Nerd-E Crew.

We’ve danced with her on both coasts, seen her on stage with festival luminaries like The Polish Ambassador, and we’re stoked to experience her warmup. She’s cooked up a special session for our June 18 gathering.

Get ready to embody your body like never before. :-)

[Clever Alias] will be our DJ!



Here’s a link to his June 4 EDance set at Union Square Ballroom.

And tickets! We’re cash-only at the door, and some people prefer to chip in with a card or PayPal. So, here’s a link to tickets.

Facebook Invite! Scoop, excitement, updates and friends. Enjoy!

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June 4 at Union Square Ballroom!


It’s an alcohol/drug-free gathering for people who love to dance, in Union Square!

If you’ve joined us before, you know what’s about to go down. If you’ve not yet joined us, here’s the skinny:

A musical journey with a live DJ. No Booze. No Drugs. No Shoes. No Chit-Chat on the Dance Floor. Plenty of room to talk and mingle, good vibes, refreshments. Mutual respect, healthy intentions. No judgment, move however you wish. :-)

It’s been a minute since we’ve danced together, so let’s have at it.

[Clever Alias] will facilitate our dance journey with a 3-hour DJ set, after an optional warmup from 7-8pm.

Weds, June 4
Warmup 7-8 pm
DJ [Clever Alias] – 8-11pm
Sound Healing – 11pm

Union Square Ballroom
27 Union Square West

$20 / All Ages / Dress to Sweat

:: About our DJ ::


[Clever Alias] is from New York City, and keeps his lair in CA. He loves dancing, living stories to tell, telling stories he’s lived, and helping people dance. [Clever]‘s music collection spans decades and genres, and he has been called a “dancer’s dj” by at least a few people in the know. [Clever] has deejayed at parties, gatherings and moments in New York City, San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Barbara, Placerville, Miami and Los Angeles.

[Clever Alias] is the Founder of Ecstatic Dance NYC, a community gathering in Gotham for people who love to dance. He is also a passionate, active member of the Ecstatic Dance Community, a non-profit based in Oakland, CA, that helps people help people dance.

When he is not collecting or sharing music gems, [Clever Alias] exists in our world as Daniel Laureano, an affable, intelligent, popular fellow with a habit of giving solid advice, getting things done and doing good things in a spicy way.

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On Hiatus!

Thanks for checking in! We’re on hiatus, while we enroll more team members and reload resources.

Stay tuned and keep in touch with us here on our site, our Facebook page or our newsletter.

We’re coming back, and we’ll be even more awesome than we were!

Keep dancing. Keep exploring. See you soon!

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August and Everything After

In case you don’t receive it or follow us on Facebook, here’s our August Newsletter:

Chapter One

Beloved Community,

I hope this note finds you enjoying your August, and thriving as the Amazings that you are.

With great pleasure, I officially mark the close of Chapter One of EDance in NYC.

Thank you, each and all, for enrolling in this movement, for sharing your movement, and for the many and much ways you have supported me and each other, as we explored this delightful flavor of un-facilitated, alcohol-free, ecstatic dance.

It has been my honor to live this experience with you – a true journey, and a new-era creation myth made real. “No cameras” makes a proper montage impossible, so I’ll have a go, using words:

We’ve gathered 22 times, with as few as five and as many as 250 dancers.

Thanks to Sandhi Ferreira, we started at Jivamukti. Thanks to Adam Rinder, we moved to Om Factory. Then, we Summered at St. Mark’s Church in The Bowery, and we spent our Fall dancing in Brooklyn, at ROULETTE. After a Winter Break, we warmed our home, Union Square Ballroom, for more monthlies, and gathered for a series of weekly dances at Reflections.

We’ve danced with $mall ¢hangeSrikalogyTrue NatureSharuJoro-Boro2Melo,ThornatoAtropolisALIAChelaMike PolarnyEsseksTechnicolor LensesNatasha BlankNouveau Classical ProjectEmily DangerThe KnellsBobby Jealousy and me,[Clever Alias]. East Coast! West Coast! Bands! Poland!

Big Dan Baker, Light Show Maker. His work is next level, his legend is legendary.

Jeanine T. AbrahamJesse JohnsonDoug DrummondRebecca Bone and I facilitated our warmups, while Marcie Made of Light and AJ Block healed us with sound. During Chela’s sets, we were not-so-secretly galactivated by our healer friend Pedro Akiak.

Beyond KombuchaRuna Tea and Yes OR no Raw Chocolate have nourished our bodies with punch and pie.

Phoenix, Molly, Julia, Bailey, Sam and friends ran the door like A Boss. Phoenix was definitely THE Boss.

The newly-dubbed Liminal crew stepped up our decor game forever, during our ROULETTE era. Winkel and Balktick helped enabled my addiction to speakers, with sound support in our early days. We even collaborated with Silent Storm, and gathered for an impromptu Silent Disco outside of St. Mark’s Church.

As a community of dancers and an organization, Ecstatic Dance NYC has also collaborated with One Billion RisingGlobal Water Dances and Beatific Beat. And, of course, EDance and I show love – on and off the dance floor – to our friends in the dance community: Get Your Dance OnUrban Waves 5RhythmsFlavorpill’s Lunch BreakReconstrvct4th Temple; and Growing Heart Farm.

Thank you, to each of my collaborators. To my friends and my family: I love you, and I am grateful. Thank you for your unyielding support and generosity. And thank you, Ecstatic Volunteers. Ecstatic Old Lady Cart: All Day, E’ry Day. :-)

Ahem. Like I said: super dope first chapter.

Pencils Down

Before we scribe Chapter Two, I’m re-considering how to best help NYC experience EDance. This project has been an expensive, consuming labor of love. Because it’s still growing into a profitable endeavor, I’ve been the only one on the hook, on the case between gatherings, and on the grind to keep it fueled – and that’s not sustainable. And, for reasons personal and professional, neither is me living in NYC full-time.

We do have a home, we do have friends, we do have a community, and you do want to dance, help and grow together. So, I’m sorting through ideas to keep the quality of ED NYC high and keep us all dancing and gathering in NYC whether I’m able to be with you full-time or not.

More, when I know. Until Chapter Two: keep in touch; keep exploring; and know in your heart that I miss you and that I loved writing Chapter One with each of you.

Calm Up

On Weds, Aug 7, Srikala and I shared and received with Ecstatic Dance Oakland. Here’s a copy of my set. I wish Srikala had recorded his!

Aiiight Chill…

In case you’re curious, heres a bit of a personal update:

I’m enjoying a change of pace in CA. Technically, I still live here, so it’s nice to revisit home after 13 months “on the road” in Gotham, my beloved hometown. While I’m here, I’m dancing, catching up with friends, exploring, deejaying and working.

I can’t honestly say that the way I lived and worked in NYC was the healthiest for me, so I’m restoring my vessel while I rekindle the business I put on hold to focus on ED NYC and the Ecstatic Dance Community.

I’m grateful for many months of deep inner work, lineage healing, new friendships, personal growth, and so much fun. Lots to integrate, reflect upon, and metabolize. Right now, I’m living the gifts of a life-shifting, cross-country road trip and the warm welcomes from my family of friends here in the West.

See you soon. Miss you much.


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July 12: Ecstatic Dance with Natasha Blank & Joro Boro!



Discount Tix:

Facebook Invitation:

Shake off your week, with Natasha Blank and Joro-Boro!

Friday, July 12

Union Square Ballroom
27 Union Square West

$20 / All Ages / Dress to Sweat!

You know them. You love them. We’re bringing them together, for a Friday night Ecstatic Dance throw-down you might never forget.

See you on the dance floor!

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Halo, Beautiful People!

Many of you have shared with me that you want to gather again for EDance this month. I do, too! But, I need June for me, Fam – so I can better be of service to you in July and August.

Lest Ye Be Downtrodden: I’m cooking up our next gathering at the Ballroom (Friday, July 12). Right now, Joro-Boro, Natasha Blank and a special guest from EDance Oakland are on our menu. 

Details, soon. Save the Date!!



P.S. MANY great events and dance floors this month. Sending out a newsletter with scoop on my recommendations, later today. This weekend is STACKED. If you don’t get our newsletter, awaken from your snooze: use the newsletter link button on our site to get connected!

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May 29: Technicolor Lenses, Esseks & Mike Polarny!

** Our June 2 gathering has been rescheduled for WEDS, MAY 29! **


Ecstatic Dance with Technicolor Lenses, Esseks & Mike Polarny!

Wednesday, May 29


Union Square Ballroom
27 Union Square West

Mike Polarny: 7-8pm
Esseks and Technicolor Lenses: 8-11pm

$10 in advance (while supplies last!) / $20 at the door

All Ages / Dress to Sweat!

Move However You Wish. Join Whenever You Can.

No Booze. No Shoes. No Chit-Chat on the Dance Floor.

Sonic Epic Sauce by Technicolor Lenses & Esseks

Lights and Visuals by Dan Baker

Warmup with DJ Mike Polarny

Technicolor Lenses


Mike Polarny

Dan Baker

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